Subject to the provisions of Legal practitioner & Bar Council Act 1973 and the rules made thereunder, the functions of a Provincial Bar Council shall be-

  1. To admit persons as advocates on its roll; to hol examination for purpose of admission; to prepare and maintain a roll of such advocates; and to remove advocates [of the provice as well as of each {district}]from such roll;
  2. to admit persons as advocates entitled to practise before the High Court and to prepare and maintain a roll of such advocates;
  3. to entertain and determine cases of miscounduct against advocates on its roll and to order punishment in such cases.
  4. to safeguard the rights, privillages and interests of advocates on its rolls including initiation of measure for fair and inexpensive dispensation of justice by subordinate Courts and tribunals;
  5. to promote and suggest law reforms;
  6. to manage and administer the property and funds of the Provincial Bar Council and to invest any of its fund.
  7. to conduct the election of its members;
  8. to prescribe conditions for the recognition and functioning of and to recognize and DE-recognize Bar Association.
  9. to perform all others functions conferred on it by or under Legal practitioner & Bar Council Act 1973 and to comply with directions given to it by the Pakistan Bar Council from time to time;
  10. to do all other things necessary for discharging the aforesaid function.

A Bar Coucnil may, in accordance with the rules farmed by it, and within the limits of the funds at its disposal for that purpose make free legal aid avalible to indigent litigants.